The Efficient Forms API allows EHX partners and customers to connect to our platform programatically. The contracts accessible via the API are intended for import and export of employees, and associated data to and from EHX. These API's allow partners and customers to integrate ATS, payroll, or other business software directly to our platform in order to maximize productivity.

This documentation assumes a basic understanding of the use of Windows Communication Foundtation, or RESTful API's in order to manipulate and access data. The examples here are written in VB.Net unless otherwise stated, to translate to other languages there are several tools available:

If your company wants to initiate a project leveraging our API, contact your Account Manager. When approved, your Account Manager will issue you a Sandbox Authentication GUID. The EHX Sandbox provides a playground in which you can build and test all aspects of the API using pre-built companies and locations, including EHX sites. For more information on Sandbox Sites click here

When you're ready to use the API in the EHX production environment, your Account Manager will provide you with a Production Authentication GUID, and API endpoint.

All EHX contracts use an Authentication GUID to identify you, and authorize you to make changes. Every API Contract requires your GUID to be passed as the first parameter. You can create a custom class utilizing CallByName, or add an endpoint behavior to the EF API Service Reference to automatically include this parameter.

The EF API can access your EHX implementation at one of two scopes:

Service Bureau Level

A Service Bureau Customer's Authentication GUID will provide you with access to data across all Companies you have implemented in EHX. Specifically the GetCompanyList Contract will return multiple Company objects.

Company Level

If you are a direct customer, your Authentication GUID will provide you with access to only the Company you implemented in EHX. GetCompanyList will return a single object, and your CompanyID will never change.

The easiest way to interact with the EF API is using Windows Communication Foundation. Below are several simple examples of how to connect to our WSDL. More indepth usage is covered in our API Documentation

VB/C# Service References

  • 1. Open Project
  • 2. Add Service Reference
  • 3. Initialize Service Reference Client
  • 4. Do Stuff!

F# Type Provider

  • 1. Open Project
  • 2. Add Assemblies and Frameworks
  • 3. Configure Type Provider
  • 4. Do Stuff!

PHP SOAPClient Library

  • 1. Check/Add SOAP CLIENT
  • 2. Initialize Client
  • 3. Do Stuff!