This page outines and answers some of our frequently asked question about the API.

What can I do (and not do) with your API?
Our API offers a vast repository of contracts that will allow you to fully integrate with our EHX platform. You can preform anything from Single Sign ON(SSO) to creating of new Companies, Locations and Employees.

How is your API secured?
This is a two fold anwser:
1. All traffic is sent over SSL encryption.
2. We generate client specific API keys that will allow them to have access to the API. This key also only gives them access to the information belonging to them.

Do you have a Rest API?
We sure do! Follow the link provided below to check out our Rest API: Rest API Documentation

How much does it cost?
This will be discussed in your partnership agreement.

How long will it take to get started?
The process does not take long to get a client set up and going with our dedicated team of experts that can answer any of your question. Along with guiding you though any troubles and issues you may run into.

Where can we find Credentials?
You can find test credentials for the API under each of the methods available in the API Documentation.

Do we have acces to a sand box site?
Yes. You have access to each one of the Sandbox Sites where you can log in and see your test. The login information will be provided by an account manager or promary contact.

What is a PartyID?
A PartyID is unique identifier of either a Company, Location or Employee.